FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The floor plan that has been presented is only a concept that addresses our space needs, the final configuration will not be determined until we have examined the different possibilities in light of our budget.

Sprinkling is a requirement once we start to expand any part of the building.
An elevator will be required to be ADA compliant with the expanded lower level.

Thought will be given to outdoor kid’s space in the landscaping budget.

Q. Are there plans to enlarge the kitchen? The floor plan doesn’t show it.
A. The building committee acknowledges that the current size of the kitchen is not sufficient for expanded hospitality. It will be addressed in the final plans.

Q. Will there be enough restroom space?
A. The final size, location, and quantity of restrooms will be determined based on the current and future needs of the congregation.

Q. Will all of the staff be able to fit into the Admin area?
A. The proposed area of 1600 sq ft should be enough for the entire staff and allow for additional meeting spaces

Q. How will the multi-use space be configured?
A. We anticipate that the multi-use space will be on the main floor and also be used by the youth. A lower level is currently planned for use by the children’s ministry.

Q. Will the new nursery space meet the growing needs of our nursery aged children?
A. The proposed plan increases nursery space from 1000 sq. ft. to 1,650 sq ft. We are also evaluating additional indoor play space options.

Q. What are the plans for adult education?
A. Our first priority is to ensure that we plan sufficiently for Kids and Youth space. Once this is determined, Adult Education space will be addressed.

Q. Can we keep the upstairs in the sanctuary and use the space for balcony seating?
A. Since the upstairs area may not meet code for seating the number of people that could occupy the balcony, it is unlikely that we will be able to keep the space.

Q. Can the sanctuary floor be made flat?
A. We will be evaluating the cost vs. benefits of this potential change.

Q. Are there plans for coat racks in the lobby? This is Minnesota don’t ‘cha know!
A. We are exploring options for racks, fixed vs. mobile.