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May 18th, 2017 - Update

1.  Station 19 & City of Eden Prairie  
Our architect, Station 19, has been working diligently to answer the city's lengthy request for more information and last Friday they resubmitted our design documents at city hall. We hope to hear back from them in a few weeks.

2. Upcoming project milestonesUpcoming project milestones are: 

  • planning commission meeting
  • value engineering decisions
  • city council public hearing
  • subcontractor bidding

More information will be shared as God unfolds his plan for us. 

3.  Ground Breaking Update We are excited to announce that the tentative timeline from Station 19 currently shows groundbreaking in early September!
Please continue to pray that everything falls into place so we can get started on the construction phase of this project. 

April 16th, 2017 - Update

What a great Easter weekend we have had @EPAG!Spring here and is moving very fast. Lots of things going on at EPAG and with the MORE building campaign...  Here are a few important items to share with you.

1.  Thank You! 
We accomplished a huge amount of building prep on our three recent work days. The staff and the MORE leaders extend an equally huge thank you to everyone who was able to help. Though you may not notice just looking down hallways or into the sanctuary, we cleaned out and reorganized about a dozen spaces and are now in a "holding pattern" until we get approval from the city to move forward.

2. Design Documents SubmittedStation 19 (architects) submitted our design documents to the city of Eden Prairie last month and, as expected, the city has replied with a request for detailed changes. Although we are negotiating various points, this area needs focused prayer from all of us because much of it is out of our control - and in God's hands!   

  3.  Building Fund UpdateThe building fund continues to grow! We have collected $718,817.76 to date and are looking forward to the one year anniversary of our May Celebration service next month. 

March 22nd, 2017 - Update

1.  Some on-site activity has already started! 
You may have seen markings on the ground around our building and machinery taking soil samples recently. We even had what could be described as a sewer-oscopy (required by the city).

2. Big News!Our design development documents were submitted to the city last Friday. Now is an especially good time to be praying for favor! 

3. Milestone As of Sunday, we have collected $705,188 towards our building fund! We've begun the appraisal and underwriting process with a local bank. Remember, the more we give now, the less we borrow later.

4. PrayPlease continue to pray for God's direction and favor in all aspects of this endeavor as things continue to move quickly.

5. GiveAgain, thank you so much, those of you that have supported the MORE campaign, whether it be with your finances, time or prayer. We are so blessed to have such a supportive and giving church!

If you are not involved....WE NEED YOU! We would like to encourage you, if you have not made a commitment to the MORE campaign, to pray and consider getting involved.  There will be many opportunities to volunteer your time, pray and give financially. 

FEB. 10th, 2017 - UPDATE

We have a handful of building updates to share with you concerning the building project.

1.  At our second Design Development, Station 19 and Langer Construction presented an updated building plan that included feedback from staff and others.  We are continuing to maximize our useable space and have incorporated a couple of creative solutions to help accomplish this goal. Everyone is very excited about the changes and we are close to finalizing the design.

2. Station 19 is preparing for their next meeting with the city of Eden Prairie.  Both Station 19 and our civil engineer are working hard to ensure that we meet all of the city's requirements so that we are able to move efficiently through the approval process.

3. Please be in prayer for this project: that the Lord continues to guide us as we progress on this journey and also that EPAG's plans receive favor from the city!

FEB. 1st, 2017 - UPDATE

We have several exciting updates to share with you concerning the MORE campaign and building progress.

1.  Pastor Jac has signed the contract with our architects Station 19. We are all looking forward to working together and moving forward with the project.

2. We continue to see the generous giving to the MORE campaign our total is now over $660,000!

3. The building committee met with Station 19 and Langer on Monday evening to go over the building plans in detail.  We had great discussions and creative ideas to problem solve and potentially cut costs.  

4. Building committee & staff had some great meetings with Station 19 (architechs), beginning to pound out the details in all the areas as things are starting to move REALLY FAST! 

JAN. 20th, 2017 UPDATE

By now, you are probably aware of the exciting news buzzing around EPAG. Last week, a very well-attended membership meeting led to an overwhelming vote to move forward with our building expansion project and we are anticipating a ground breaking later this Spring/Summer!

We are sending this mid-month update from the MORE team and Building Committee to keep you apprised of all that is going on.

1)    With all the excitement about the vote, we neglected to acknowledge a HUGE milestone - we have already collected over a half a million dollars in pledges. In fact, as of last Sunday, we are only only$4,000 shy of $600,000 in received pledges!

2)    After our membership vote, building committee members, Connie, Zak, and David met with our contractor Russ, from Langer. During the discussion, a keen observation from our contractor will allow us to not only improve the usability of our lower level but also to save us money!

3)    Over the next couple of months, the building committee will be meeting with Russ and our architect, Nicole, to refine the building plans. We will continue to keep the congregation in the loop by sharing the results of those meetings -- so stay tuned!

4)    Our elementary-age students have been actively making room for the MORE building campaign by collecting their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. LOLKIDS just contributed $53.82 specifically to make space for more friends in the future, and they are praying God can use them even beyond that!  


Sunday, January 8th, EPAG members and attendees had an opportunity to hear more about the building project plans and the floor was opened to a valuable time of constructive discussion. Then, EPAG Members voted overwhelmingly to move forward with a $4.4 million building project. We anticipate having shovels in the ground / ground breaking for the project in late Spring of this year!

We are  SO EXCITED  about the decision and truly feel God's hand moving us forward in this process.