So much is happening in our community and in our world right now. There’s no better time to look to Jesus, whether online or in-person. We suggest one of the following options:

1. Stay home and worship with your EPAG family online at 9am or 11am.

2. Invite a small group of friends or family to your home for a watch party.

3. Attend an in-person service at EPAG online at 9am or 11am.


Should you choose to join us in-person this Sunday for our service, we want you to be aware of the following:

• Capacity: At this time, in-person services at EPAG will be limited to 25% of our building capacity.

• EPAGKIDS Services Remain Online Only: We are encouraging families to worship together right now. Some may choose to sit together in-person at EPAG. For others, joining us online from your home may be best for your family. Choose what’s right for you...and continue to engage with our EPAGKIDS online ministry!


• Sanitizing: Prior to every service, we will clean and disinfect areas where services are taking place, as well as high-touch surfaces throughout our facility. Restrooms and other high-touch areas will be sanitized continually. Hand sanitizer will also be readily available.

 PPE: Staff and volunteers will adhere to CDC and Minnesota Dept. of Health guidelines in regards to face masks.

• Seating: Our sanctuary seating has been adjusted to promote social distancing and maintain capacity limits, adhering to CDC guidelines.

• Masked Service Option: A room in our lower level has been designated only for those who prefer to wear masks. We encourage those with health concerns or immune suppressed issues to consider worshiping in this area.

• Common Areas: Gathering spaces and lobby seating are not available, along with drinking fountains. We encourage attendees to move outdoors to converse.

• Printed Materials: We will not distribute any printed materials. Offering envelopes will be available at Guest Services.

• Prayer Team Ministry: Our prayer team will not gather at the front during a service at this time. However, our altar will be available for individual prayer.

• Communion: As we celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month, we will do so using pre-packaged Communion elements. Gluten free wafers will be available upon request. These will be distributed in a manner that minimizes passing and handling of Communion pieces.

• Modified Greeting: All doors will be propped open so attendees will not need to touch door handles. Greeters will smile, wave, and have hand sanitizer on hand for those who want it.

• Modified Ushering: We will not be passing buckets during this time. Rather, our ushers assist in seating you and your family, monitoring room capacity limits, and ensuring that we adhere to CDC guidelines.

• Giving: We encourage attendees to continue giving via our website, mobile app, or give in-person via an offering container that will be located at Guest Services in the lobby.

• Staff and Volunteers: Any staff member or volunteer who feels sick or has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days will not be allowed to serve. All other staff will wash their hands, wear masks, and sanitize regularly throughout the weekend.


• Arrival and Departure: We ask that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to a service and to leave promptly after service. Feel free to converse outside in groups of 10 or less with distancing!

• Face Masks: While we will not require face masks, we are encouraging anyone over the age of 4 to wear one if possible.

• Hand Sanitizing: Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the building. We encourage you to use it frequently.

• Greeting: Our greeters will be wearing face masks and gloves. We will not shake hands, hug, or high-five. Be ready to be greeted by waves and big smiles instead!

• At-Risk: If you are a high risk because of your age or underlying health conditions, we strongly encourage you to stay home and continue participating online. While we would love to see you in-person, we love you and want you to stay healthy.


Q: Do I need to wear a face mask?
A: While we will not require face masks, we are encouraging anyone over the age of 4 to wear one if possible. Staff and volunteers will wear face masks.

Q: What will take place in the mask-only service area? 
 A: We will stream the live service from the sanctuary to our mask-only service area. You will be able to experience the entire service and gather with others participating in this option. However, masks will be worn through the entirety of the service in this area – including during worship. Social distancing will be adhered to, and an usher will ensure that the room will maintain a 25% capacity limit.

Q: Will I be sitting next to other people?  
A: You will only be sitting directly next to members of your household if you attend with them. You will not be sitting directly next to someone outside of your household. Seating in the sanctuary will be arranged in small sections. These sections will be distanced in adherence to CDC guidelines.

Q: What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 after attending a recent service at EPAG? 
A: People testing positive for COVID-19 who recently attended a service should communicate this to Confidentiality will be maintained.

Q: If I test positive for COVID-19 or experience symptoms, how long should I wait before returning? 
 A: With symptoms: 3 days with no fever and improved symptoms and 10 days since symptoms appeared; test positive, no symptoms: 10 days have passed since testing.

Q: Will summer camps still happen?  
A: Unfortunately, kids camp and youth camp have both been canceled. We will find new and creative ways to engage students this summer, while adhering to current CDC guidelines; stay tuned!

Q: When will baptisms and child dedications take place?  
 A: At this time, exact dates are unknown, but we will update this information as soon as possible.